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Best Power Blender?

Looking for a new power blender? With all of the choices available today, it can often times be difficult to make a decision on just one.

Over the years, we’ve done extensive power blender research and a clear cut winner has risen to the top. The Vitamix 5200. Made in the U.S.A. and featuring a powerful 2 horsepower motor, the Vita-Mix 5200 blender is clearly the leader of the class.

Vitamix blenders are also backed by the best warranty in the business — a full, 7 year warranty that guarantees every machine to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. Rest assured, your Vitamix 5200 blender will perform like new for 7 full years from the date of purchase, or the company will fix it for free from their Cleveland, OH headquarters.

If you’re looking for the best power blender that will outlast every other appliance in your kitchen, look no further. There is nothing that a Vita-Mix 5200 can’t do!

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